One of the core values during my years in Nokia was especially close to my heart, it was called ‘Very human’. At some point I heard a manager wondering why this value got so low scores in the employee surveys, was it due to a lack of understanding the value?

It took me just a moment to decide, and create the ‘Very human’ group in our Nokia internal social media tool, we used Socialcast at the time. Started by inviting every colleague I knew to join the fun, I knew a few 😉

Very human

Over the years the group grew, people started sharing positive, as well as supportive messages, especially crucial in times when work got tough or people were about to loose their jobs. It turned out to be the easiest way to share good moments across the company, connecting people from all over the Nokia world.

This ‘tiny feet’ photo was used to represent the group, as human as it can get!

One fine day, I was listening to a speech of our CEO at the time, Stephen Elop, imagine my AHA moment when he especially highlighted the importance of the ‘Very human’ value, I thought to myself, now is the moment, I will send him an invitation to the group. Thought it & done it 🙂

Couple of months later, the invitation was still pending, I looked into the functions of the tool, clicking a few times on a small grey bar without thinking much, next moment…pop-up email message from Stephen Elop in my inbox, I was like, what the heck is going on now. A short message, to the point ‘Verena, please stop spamming me’ – it turned out that I found a bug in the tool, every single click automatically triggered a reminder email to everyone who haven’t accepted the invitation.

On the positive side, the Socialcast support team was extremly helpful in fixing the bug 🙂