Finally this blog has given me the opportunity to share my feelings about Nokia with people who might understand it. I’m not a sad person who cannot forget or wants to live in the past; I left Nokia of my own accord. Since we all worked long hours we ended up socialising with colleagues and we had our own versions of social media (HR cafe included), we were so electronically connected. We lived in this Nokia bubble. As I grew with the company Nokia to a large extent, WAS my world and family. I thought it represented the world at large but when my (birthing) PM4 milestones were reached, I could not divide my attention between my children and work. I didn’t think it was fair to either so I made my decision to leave which was not easy but it was the right thing.

Since then I have used many of the skills that I gained at Nokia to improve other organisations and I have learned that a lot of the things we took for granted inside the company and even some of the annoying things, do not exist in the real world. And that is something that I do like to reminisce about. A particular kind of culture heavily influenced by Finnish pragmatism. A geeky humour that was often hidden. Finnish sauna parties (now, EVERY Nokian knows what that means). Being early adopters without realising it. Excitement over testing a secret and very early prototype phone that didn’t work too well yet. Working hard and playing hard. Commuting via plane to another country and back, in a single day.

If our Facebook group is anything to go by, it seems I am not alone and of that I am glad.