My first phone was Nokia N73 music edition, black. My father’s and everyone else’s phone in my family was a Nokia as well. The reason I insist on capitalizing the brand name in the middle of my sentences however, goes beyond that.

My phone meant way more to me (and still does) way more than its technical features. This might sound like an emo teenager’s rant but then that’s what Nokia is to me, an emotion. Being an insomniac, I used stay up all night long and it was only the glowing screen of my phone that stayed awake with me, playing songs or reading up something. It had so many sophisticated features I can write lines on. There were times when I would be down and out and being an introvert would turn to phone. My N73 was always there with me, through my toughest times.

Later when I was in a more sane position I would look at it fondly and realize that like every introvert in this world I had made a nonliving friend that I hold so dear. Others will talk about its ‘stoicism’, its faithful hardware and software support, I however would like to say that I loved its camera and music features above all else. The elegant lens gave me pictures that some of my ace photographer friends are jealous of even today, and to think there are so many phones with enormous pixel numbers these days, but none like my phone. The music settings is the second thing people who knew me and listened to music on my phone have talked great things about. I remember feeling particularly smug about playing music when among people and by myself on it.

Later, when this phone went beyond repair and I came back home one day to find that my father had given it to someone else, I cried like I had lost a loved one. I cried so much that my father thought of bringing it back just for the sake of it. My next phone was a Nokia Lumia 625, the last of ’em before it became Microsoft. Although I had bought it purely out of nostalgia and wistfulness, this too became close.

Even now when I look for new phones on the internet I still look for that N73 music edition, black. No matter what condition the model is sold in.

Sukanya Roy