trading online libri consigliati I worked for Nokia for years and recently for Microsoft in the Mobile Devices business. I was a passionate employee and always loyal to my company in every single situation. When iPhone became popular, my youngsters were very keen on getting their own iPhones, but I always told them that my kids would use Nokia phones and no other phones would be considered. I was so strict that I even said: “Other phone brands would be allowed – only over my dead body!”

click here Occasionally, my youngsters tested me again whether I had changed my mind, like when they complained about apps not available in the Windows app store. But no way, I was firm and was like I was not hearing what they said: “My darlings, you know what my answer is: only over my dead body.“

buy Viagra amex in Henderson Nevada A year ago, I suddenly found out that my employer did not need my contributions anymore. Shocked about the news, I told my kids about my situation and was expecting to get some sort of sympathy from their side. Instead, their first question was: “Ok, so can we now finally get some other phones like iPhone or Samsung?” I did not know whether to cry or laugh due to their reaction. However, still loyal to my almost ex-employer, I told them that we would not start changing their Lumia phones if they were functioning ok.

trading demo opzioni binarie But what happened in July this year when the Pokémon Go was launched? My youngest son informed me that I have to wake up for the reality: Pokémon Go is not available for Windows phones. Without being able to play it, he would be a total outsider at the time of the school year start in mid-August. He was right and I had to admit I had started changing my mind already in November 2015 when I joined the Slush event for start-ups in Helsinki. All the new, fancy apps introduced there were available only for Android or iOS. Still feeling a bit weird and kind of guilty of my decision, I walked into the nearest store and bought the first ever non-Nokia/Microsoft mobile phone. Naturally, my son was extremely happy and excited to join the Pokémon Go –players. It seemed it was one of my best purchases ever: my son turned into a fanatic walker who wanted to spend all his time outside chasing after Pokémon. Even though he had been walking all day, he wanted to join me for my evening walk in case he would find something extra for his game. He also made new friends while playing the Pokémon Go. * * * * *

opcje binarne iforex That was in the autumn. The Pokémon Go phenomenon had its peak and declined almost as suddenly as it had started. My son has not been playing the game recently as he has found new interests, but he is still satisfied with his mobile phone. Though I slipped away from my principles at the time of the phone purchase, I have no regrets. Especially right now, it feels like my disloyalty has been forgiven: on December 1st, HMD Global announced it is bringing the Nokia branded mobile phones back to the market and the next generation of Nokia phones are running Android! – Guess, if I am still going to be loyal to my ex-employer and what I will say to my kids when they ask for a new mobile phone?

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