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Sahil Gupta: Nokia’s contribution in our life which we can’t forget

Well, I am not at all a feedback giving person, I generally ignore things when it comes to give opinions. But today was different while browsing Techcrunch, I saw Beyond Nokia’s post and got to know about this Nokia People community, I couldn’t resist myself to share the stories of good times with my Nokia phones. It was back in 2007 when I was 16 years old and owning a mobile phone was a big deal. After lot of discussions and hungry nights (because of not having dinner when dad/mom refuses to buy me a phone), one fine day dad agrees to buy me a new phone. So, I was very clear about my choice which was Nokia 6600, one of Nokia’s best selling phones and it costs around 14000 INR which was way to high considering Indian price range of phones and 16 year old student who has his CBSE board exams in next 5 months I anyhow convinced my dad to buy me Nokia 6600 and life was not same after that. The happiness doubled when it came with 16GB memory card with it, seriously. There was hardly anything which this phone couldn’t do – from calling to watching videos and playing motion sensor based games and even free mobile calls & SMS from multiple online applications. My friends in school started to spend recess time with me and my phone instead of having lunch. I had 2 mp3 songs which plays in MP3 player (3rd party application) and 2 videos which runs in Divx player which we used to watch again and again after our tution gets over. SMS forwading was a routine that time with unlimited SMS pack. That time mobile community website Peperonity was in trend so I made couple of mobile websites from my phone only and was managing it completely. I was way to happy. That time 2g was boon to us and we open every possible website on our phones including yahoo messenger web version. I still have that phone as it was my first one though I had many other after that like Nokia 5800 express music, N97, etc. which helped me in my college time by connecting to college wifi to cheat in exams 😉 Thanks to Nokia’s contribution in our life which we can’t forget 🙂 I feel sad for Nokia as it could’t catch up with iPhone and Samsung but still this will remain my first love <3 – Sahil Gupta New Delhi, India


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  1. Jean M

    Wow, I can’t believe you just bragged about cheating in exams in college.

    Sahil Gupta – Bear that name in mind employers.

  2. Verena

    Amazing story, thanks so much for sharing it!

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