My career started in Nokia in 2002. However, I used to work in Nokia club on the agency side whilst I was in Morpace International who used to have the Nokia account back in 2000. At the time I worked on the customer satisfaction surveys of Nokia Club and also used to program and assess the NEW release of Nokia phone(a) for its features and UX (User Experience). Unfortunately, whilst I was on maternity leave something had gone wrong and I found out that we had lost the Nokia account.

Following 9/11, they decided to close down a lot of operations in the UK and moved areas such as analytics back to US. As the company Morpace International was an American research agency. Something in the region of 70 people were made redundant and I went back to being a mum after returning to work whilst my daughter was 3 months old. The UK law allowed us to take 3 months of maternity leave back in 2001.

I than applied to Nokia and was able to secure a position which allowed me to grow and learn about technology as well as looking after my family. They were pioneers in work life balance concept and sometimes, I used to work from home or other offices which was closer to my home such as Stanhope office in Camberley.

Nokia had an amazing culture and I want to tell you a personal story about how as an employer allowed me to take my maternity leave early when I was expecting our son Cyrus.

When I was working in the Redhill branch, my boss at the time was called Tommi Arminen. He allowed me to take an early maternity leave as I had complications during the second term.

Thank you Nokia, he is growing up to be a fine young man with passion for technology. He will be celebrating his 13th birthday on 15th of March. His nickname at home was “NOKIA baby”. Without you as my employer at the time he would never be with us.

He has grown up with technology and built his own computer last summer.