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Sahil Gupta: Nokia’s contribution in our life which we can’t forget

Well, I am not at all a feedback giving person, I generally ignore things when it comes to give opinions. But today was different while browsing Techcrunch, I saw Beyond Nokia’s post and got to know about this Nokia People community, I couldn’t resist myself to share the stories of good times with my Nokia phones. It was back in 2007 when I was 16 years old and owning a mobile phone was a big deal. After lot of discussions and hungry nights (because of not having dinner when dad/mom refuses to buy me a phone), one fine day dad agrees to buy me a new phone. So, I was very clear about my choice which was Nokia 6600, one of Nokia’s best selling phones and it costs around 14000 INR which was way to high considering Indian price range of phones and 16 year old student who has his CBSE board exams in next 5 months I anyhow convinced my dad to buy me Nokia 6600 and life was not same after that. The happiness doubled

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Jani Korpinen: TIS YOR FOLT :)

Somebody might say: TIS YOR FOLT! Nokia’s smartphone descent started somewhere in 2008 when I jumped onboard. 🙂 iPhone was published an year earlier and Tube a.k.a. Xpress Music 5580 was under fierce pressure for publishing and sales start and development was done in my site, Oulu. Sales of smartphones were still surprisingly huge for couple of years despite opinion share wasn’t that nice.

For some reason financially a super strong company did panic with financial crisis and jumped onto brake pedal. Savings, savings, portfolio strip-down etc. We suddenly give free lane for competitors with better HW, SW and ecosystems. As an engineer being responsible for displays it was frustrating to notice

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Bhamini: The Nokia bubble

Finally this blog has given me the opportunity to share my feelings about Nokia with people who might understand it. I’m not a sad person who cannot forget or wants to live in the past; I left Nokia of my own accord. Since we all worked long hours we ended up socialising with colleagues and we had our own versions of social media (HR cafe included), we were so electronically connected. We lived in this Nokia bubble. As I grew with the company Nokia to a large extent, WAS my world and family. I thought it represented the world at large but when my (birthing) PM4 milestones were reached, I could not divide my attention between my children and work. I didn’t think it was fair to either so I made my decision to leave which was not easy but it was the right thing.

Since then I have used many of the skills that I gained at Nokia to improve other organisations and I have learned that a lot of the things we took for granted inside the company and even some of the annoying things, do not exist in the real world.

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Rasma: Blue is my favourite colour

My career at Nokia spanned close to 15 years and allowed me to grow, starting out in Logistics and quickly progressing to managing teams of IT & ITIL specialists. It’s where I learned that my passion and talent was for leading and growing virtual & global teams. Nokia was more than an employer. Those you worked with were more than colleagues. Nokia was like your mother and your father rolled into one, guiding you and always encouraging you to be your best self. Nokia was where passion and innovation were encouraged. My favourite colour will always be blue.

Nokia orientation guide - 1998

Nokia orientation guide – 1998

Hal: “Connecting People” has never been so true

It used to be that when you met a fellow foreigner in Finland you could ask them whether it was love or Nokia that brought them here, only to find out that one had followed the other. I was one of those who originally came to Finland out of love; to live with my girlfriend who I had met at university in Scotland.

Moving to a foreign country where you have no social network of your own can be somewhat of an isolating experience, and the unfamiliar darkness of winter and indecipherable nature of the Finnish language can compound that.

This all changed when I saw a post on a Facebook group called “Future Talent at Nokia”. As a small Valentine’s Day competition, they had asked for

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Bhamini: Why Nokia has a special place in my heart and what it is that is so hard to find outside of the Nokia environment.

I remember when Nokia phones were number one and the advent of those polyphonic ringtones. People used to play their newest ringtone to each other at Nokia parties and the latest ‘not yet released to public’ phone was a hot topic and TRUE tester of those devices were a subject of envy. I once brought an outsider into a Nokia party and she thought we were all mad. She could not find anything to contribute to the conversation. So, there was a particular kind of person that was suited to Nokia, you either loved it or you hated it.

Somehow those of us who were in, just loved the

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Verena: Nokia changed my life, several times

19 years ago a temp agency fired me, on my first working day! The surprising start for 18 years at Nokia…

The rest of the week I spent in the Nokia Networks office in Düsseldorf, they had a desperate need for workforce, so they called to get a replacement for a temp worker on sick leave. On paper, I wasn’t a fit at all, didn’t spoke English, not the proper education, but who cared, it was just meant for 4 days. On the third day they informed the agency to keep me and 5 months later I became a Nokia employee. The start of an amazing journey!

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Anfinn Line: 5 happy years

I worked in Nokia Copenhagen from 2004-2009.

It was 5 happy years I never forget.

Most of all the people at Nokia but also to be part of a creative environment, making nice devices for the public. I was proud of being an Nokian. I hope the company will arise again.

Fabio Valeri: everything I know comes from Nokia

I have been in Nokia for 11 years, most of them in Finland – Espoo (Karaportti and Nokia House).

Everything I know about achieving together, innovation and best business practices comes from Nokia.

I had the chance to be empowered, challenged and work with people around the globe. What I am now professionally is thanks to Nokia. Now, back to Italy, I still fell like a Nokian inside! All of us ex-Nokia have something in common – so happy to connect with you. All the best, Fabio

Your Nokia story

Imagine your story here, so go ahead and write 400 to 600 words!

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