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Karoliina: The one constant in my life

Like many Finns who came of age in the early 00s, my connection to Nokia has been a long and multi-faceted one. One of my parents worked for Nokia in the mid-1990s, and I was far from being the only kid in that position at school. I lived in Espoo, after all, the promised land for telecoms engineers back in the day.

My first mobile was a Nokia 5110, which I got for Christmas in 1997. I remember loving the removable fascia, which I could have changed around, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I loved the turquoise one so much. At some point, I switched to a Nokia 3310, which allowed me to continue indulging my Snake obsession.

I’ve been such a Nokia fan girl, in fact, that I can’t think of a single point in time since 1997, when I haven’t owned a Nokia phone. I just cannot bring myself to buy a phone without a Nokia logo on it. My Lumia 735 is currently acting up, but I’m trying to convince it to hold on until the new HMD Nokia phones are launched.

As time moved on and I grew to adulthood, my love of Nokia hasn’t lessened. It was, after all, a company that had given me something to be proud of as a Finn for a very long time. Nokia even ended up being the reason I was finally able to live with and marry my long-term British boyfriend. I guess he and I really embody the adage of people moving to Finland for love or Nokia. He had initially moved to Finland for love, but getting a job at Nokia meant he was able to stay for good.

Now that the new HMD Nokia phones are about to launch, I feel hopeful that it’ll be a chance for Nokia to regain some of the ground it has lost. Hopefully ten years from now, a new generation of Nokia fans will be able to wax lyrical about how much they love their Nokia gadgetry. After all, Nokia may have gone through difficult times, but I’m sure that they haven’t lost the spirit that allowed it to rule supreme in the mobile phone world for years. And while I wait for the upswing of the company’s fortunes, I will continue to say that I’m from Finland, the land of swamp football, mobile phone tossing and Nokia.

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  1. Rebecca

    Great story, thank you for sharing 🙂

    I worked at Nokia R&D Copenhagen from 1995-2003. Have never been in a company as great as Nokia ever since! Not even close.

    Br Rebecca

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