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Jim O’Brien: My Journey with Nokia

Nokia has been part of my life for many years now and still is today even through the transition I have supported Nokia throughout and now that we are back once more with Mobile Phone I think the relationship will last for many more years to come.

My Journey began with the Nokia 5110 from what I recall and from there on it was just a matter of learning, progression then loyalty.
I then began to collect Nokia devices for some unknown reason but I just recall their simplicity and how well they looked with the changeable fascias which was cool back then. I then noticed the phones where getting better year by year and said “HEY” I have quite a few of these devices sure why not keep going.I worked in the telecoms industry back then and had access to many devices but Nokia was for me I had already been sold.

Then trouble had me flummoxed one day with one of my Nokia devices and I had nowhere to go for answers because I myself could not even answer it so I did a quick search and came across NSD forums which was back around ten years now and I noticed issues people had with their devices and stuck around for a bit after getting my own issue fixed. I popped in and out of the forums every now and then and found myself answering questions more often, before I knew it I was hooked and spent hours weekly supporting others, I am a great believer in support and a product with no support will not last, this then gave me a chance to be a test pilot which gave me early access to devices to try out and this made my love for the brand grow stronger. We had an engaging community and staff which worked like clockwork, we all helped each other and from here I then made friends and many I am still in touch with today.

I then began blogging and set up a unique blog for Nokia products only because at this stage I was the go to person in Ireland about anything Nokia. Where I had the advantage was I had products early and like the other guys who had been pilots we had advice, solutions and answers at the ready for others and what also boosted things for me was my huge Nokia collection which today stands at around 180 devices (and other products on top of that like speakers, headphones, etc.) so I was able to go back, turn on an older device should someone have an issue and help them out which I loved to do.

I became one of the top people in the world after countless years and hours on the support forum with another great attribute,there was a golden circle lets say and there was only about 15/20 of us of the some 700k members allowed into this world. My support did not just happen there also brought my knowledge to local forums some which I became moderator on and top ranked member serving only Nokia related questions and again this was how I became known in Ireland for being the NOKIA MAN.

Things changed then. I was last at the Nokia World convention in Abu Dhabi where I got to meet some of the people within Nokia face to face rather than virtually. It was the best event I have been to and nothing has topped it since and again I still speak to many of the people today. This is the thing Nokia had that no other manufacturer had and it was communication which makes perfect example of their well known tagline “NOKIA – CONNECTING PEOPLE”.

It connected with people in many ways by getting involved in the community, having support forums, letting ordinary people have a chance to try their products,this made people connect from all over the world unmatched by any other phone maker. When I heard Nokia would come back again I was excited and could not wait for the event to see their full return to the smartphone market and If Nokia can supply the community and efforts as once before it will be a success going forward. There is many of us former forum members today which still talk to each other every day on social media and have the skill required to assist once again if the option arises and some of us are still bloggers today which again spreads the good news that has to be offered.

People have asked me am I going to be the “go to guy” for Nokia again when they launch and of course I said YES. And I was asked will I be ditching current other makes of mobile phone I use and again I said YES. Simple reason being you can’t support a product if you do not have it. I will get the new device’s and I will support the community be it on forums locally and on social media as before and hopefully an all new Nokia Support forum.

I also host a tech radio show today and have been on national Irish TV sporting Nokia products too.

Jim O Brien CEO


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  1. Gee. I’m impressed. I was a senior software engineer on the browser apps in Burlington, MA, USA. Though I don’t generally like working for large companies, there was a lot to like at Nokia. I also teach technology in elementary school part-time. Sometimes I would bring my young students to Nokia to tour and also demonstrate their Scratch (MIT) projects from my class to the engineers at Nokia.

  2. Verena

    Hi Bruce, thanks for your comment, if you want to join the movement and share a NokiaPeople story of yourself, you are more than welcome, just reach out. Kind regards, Verena – renscher (at)

  3. Pasi Ala-Mieto

    Bruce, good. Maybe your elementary students should be adviced about cellphone radiation? Something that was never mentioned during Nokia years… (at least for me)….

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