Somebody might say: TIS YOR FOLT! Nokia’s smartphone descent started somewhere in 2008 when I jumped onboard. 🙂 iPhone was published an year earlier and Tube a.k.a. Xpress Music 5580 was under fierce pressure for publishing and sales start and development was done in my site, Oulu. Sales of smartphones were still surprisingly huge for couple of years despite opinion share wasn’t that nice.

For some reason financially a super strong company did panic with financial crisis and jumped onto brake pedal. Savings, savings, portfolio strip-down etc. We suddenly give free lane for competitors with better HW, SW and ecosystems. As an engineer being responsible for displays it was frustrating to notice the ignorance of high level management what comes to the urgent need of technology evolution. Money copying machine did suddenly jam big time and new machine was needed. There’s a lot of analogy between Finland at in WW II and Nokia Smartphone strategy, high level commanders just ignored the messages from the front-line. Like a miracle, Finland survived in 1944 but Nokia (Smart)phones didn’t 70 years later.

I feel that Maemo device Nokia N900 would have been the golden path with some polishing. With E7 design and HW upgrade it would have been close to perfect. N9 was a tiny step aside but anyway in 2010 things seemed been already turned to better direction until Seppo dropped the bomb.

WP strategy would have been OK without a few fundamental gaps in existing features and MSFT being a light-year away from agile player. On other side of coin, WP adventure gave me an opportunity to spend two extremely interesting and eye opening expat years in Beijing, China.

I’m proud that had a chance to work for Nokia for half a decade. Despite all went wrong, I still have experience, competencies and contacts from those times with me!