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Heidi: 10 things I loved about working at Nokia

tr binary options What was it about working at Nokia that stuck with so many of us long after we left the company? Why are 27 356 of us posting our musings and memories of our time at Nokia on the alumni group on Facebook? These are some of the questions I asked myself after Verena asked me to write something for this blog after I posted this?on the “Beyond Nokia” group earlier this month.

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  1. franz.verhaag

    Great thoughts Heidi, it has been so wonderful because the people we co-worked with created the spirit.

    • Heidi Patmore

      That’s right Franz, the people were very cool. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Gareth Clarke

    I remember those days Heidi and I have continued the journey into the new world of HMD. It is very exciting and challenging at the same time. It’s quite a unique position that we are in now – being a start up while we have a great brand behind us!

    • Heidi Patmore

      Hello Gareth! When are you guys coming over for dinner again? (I still have your salad bowl from last time!)

      I’m really keen to see what HMD does in the future and wondering how it compares to the old Nokia days.

  3. Mici

    Only two years with your Lumia 1020?? Mine is over 4 years now and I still cannot convince myself to change… Hoping and praying that HMD will come out with a flagship device incl a splendid camera. Then it would be ONLY the A thing in it to overcome. 😉 Great post, thanks!

    • Heidi Patmore

      I loved the Lumia 1020, that camera was amazing! I switched to iPhone for the apps – so many that I wanted to try but they weren’t available for Windows phone. ? I still use the Lumia for photos and as a back device.

  4. Jaclyn

    What an amazing post – echo most sentiments – the strongest one – NOKIA employees genuinely loved the Company and products. Couldn’t agree more!!

    • Heidi Patmore

      Thanks Jaclyn ?
      Agreed. I am really excited about the things that Nokia Technologies are doing under Rajeev Suri. I feel like awesome things are going to happen there, and at HMD Global.

  5. JOE Lee

    Thanks Heidi!
    You really recall my wonderful memory in Nokia and absolutely agree the 10 things,
    I’m proud of be Nokian , ever forever.

    • Heidi Patmore

      Thanks Joe! The thing about every Nokia office in the world having the same vibe was something really special.

  6. Ian Stewart

    Great comments Heidi. Recognise every one of your points.
    P.s. My Lumia1020 is now a paperweight!

    • Heidi Patmore

      Thanks Ian! Surely you can put that Lumia to better use though! ? I thought Lumia’s photo back-up to MS OneDrive was great, much more seamless and user friendly than iCloud IMHO.

  7. Such a wonderful time for The Focus Group too – we were so welcomed and deeply embedded in to the culture, ethos and philosophy of Nokia. We even took a trip to Finland to see how all the head office to the SA operation fitted in together. Seeing Nokia operate in Finland was so exciting it was like being in Charlies Chocolate Factory ! It was a privilege to have enjoyed such a deep, honest and fulfilling business partnership. Good times ….
    viva Nokia !
    Leigh Ann

    • Heidi Patmore

      Thanks Leigh Ann! I’m sure you felt like you were handing out ‘golden tickets’ when you called to tell us we got the job! ? How amazing was Nokia House in Finland though? Such a beautiful building.

  8. Nice to be reminded of those really fantastic times, with really great people who made such a positive contribution to my own growth.

    Thanks Heidi. A very eloquent and moving blog.

    ( I joined in 2004 when we were still in the Regis offices in Sandton Square, then moved to Iran and then UAE with Nokia, what a journey)

    • Heidi Patmore

      Scott! Howzit! You were one of the ‘originals’! Glad you enjoyed the post. ?

  9. Hivzo

    Thank you for reminding me! Those were truly great times. I always wondered how come Nokia had this kind of culture that no other companies have. I still have no answer to that.
    But you are spot on about the feelings.

    • Heidi Patmore

      I agree Hivzo! The consistency of the positive culture across the world was something special.

      Since leaving Nokia I’ve consulted to lots of companies and I’ve yet to see anything like it. I always wondered though, how the transition to Microsoft affected the culture. My guess is that HMD Global has a similar culture to the old Nokia days. ?

  10. Patrick Rose

    Thank you Heidi, I could not have said it better.
    Worked SA retail from Cape Town since 23rd of April 2007 for Nokia, Msft and now HMD still loving the brand values, ideals and dream of being the vehicle that connects and unites people with what matters to them.
    Never once felt isolated always felt part of the SA and Global family.
    For me Nokia gave shoes to the man or woman needing to go and find work by, connecting people to email and the internet and sometimes simply by connecting us to a torch, radio or a game like snake.
    Let’s all get out our Nokia bush hats and T-Shirts and have a Nokia day. #sisu

    • Heidi Patmore

      Hi Patrick! It still makes me smile when I still see people around Joburg wearing their Nokia bush hats all these years later.
      I love the idea of a reunion! I’m even considering going to the Nokia Summer Party in Finland in June. ?

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