It was the summer of 2009, just a few weeks after the launch of “Ovi Store”, on which I’d been working on for months. I was working on a presentation for an MT (management team) meeting the next day when I started to get phone calls from my husband about our oldest daughter – he was home with her because she wasn’t feeling well. She was getting worse and worse and he was taking her to the doctor, the doctor sent them to the hospital for more tests. At the end of the day I went straight to the hospital from the office.

By midnight that night, we got the diagnosis. My 4-year-old daughter needed an emergency appendectomy. They expected a pediatric surgeon to arrive shortly and scheduled the procedure for 2am. Luckily, the pain medication she received allowed my daughter to rest and sleep while we waited, and oddly enough, I discovered that working on this presentation on my laptop was sufficiently distracting.

Eventually the surgeon arrived. While I waited for the doctors to complete her procedure, I finished writing that presentation for my manager to now deliver in this MT meeting – but could not find a connection to send the PowerPoint to him from my laptop. And given the hour (3:30am), there was nobody to ask for help.

Nokia N95 Front Open

I ended up sending the presentation at 3:30am via bluetooth to an N95 from my laptop and could email it to my manager using that device. By all accounts, the meeting went well, and my daughter’s surgery went well too. You can’t even see the scars (neither meeting nor surgical!). It was remarkably handy multipurpose gadget I was proud to own. I still have it!