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Carlos: Startup dreams after Nokia

Life after Nokia

It’s been seven years since I left what I still consider the best company I’ve ever worked for. Spending so many years working for Nokia definitely made a mark that is still with me to this day.

I’m sure many of you would agree that the excitement and sense of accomplishment we all felt just before we released a new product was out of this world. From the first time you held a proto in your hands and got to play with the latest tech, to the first pictures taken with an N95 8GB, to the amazing music coming out of the 5800 or the fashion sense of the L’amour collection: these are things that will be embedded in our personalities for the rest of our lives.

With all these in mind, three years ago, I decided to leave the comfort of a steady job to pursue a long-held dream of mine: launching a company.

We are living in a new Era

Growing up in Colombia made me very aware of my own personal security and how hard it is to actually call for help when you are trying to deal with an emergency. Times are changing and we are seeing more and more news about security concerns in developed countries, sexual assaults, domestic violence and even natural disasters.

During an emergency, most people rely on their phone to call for help. However, this might prove harder than you might think. Your brain is working under stress, and you have to think where your phone is, unlock it, finding someone to call, wait for them to pick up, explain the situation and where you are.

This is how Loop was born. Loop is a stylish personal alarm that allows users to reach out for help very discreetly and easily. With the press of a button, you can contact up to 5 friends and ask for their help.

How Nokia Influenced Loop

Having worked for Nokia and being influenced by their customer focused design, my main objective from day one was to build an accessory that didn’t look like a tech gadget. I wanted to make a wearable that looked like any other accessory my customer would wear.
I formed a team of industrial and jewelry designers to design an accessory that looks and work great! Kind of like the old times.

It’s been a long journey – three years in the making – composed of lots of hard work, many sleepless nights and countless sacrifices. But today I’m extremely proud and super excited to be ready to introduce Loop to the world. Very soon, I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to secure enough funds to make this a reality.
This crowdfunding campaign is the final validation of all the experiences accumulated with you as a community. Love to know what you think.

What next?

I want to thank you ahead of time for taking the time to read about my journey as a startup founder. I hope you can relate to my story and if you are thinking about launching your own startup, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to share my knowledge and the many lessons I’ve learned, so that others don’t have to make as many mistakes.

I invite you to a sneak peek of the product and please send me a note with your feedback, I feel it will be very valuable for when I launch.



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  1. Adam

    As a person living with a mother aged ninety who cannot walk well yet wants her freedom…Loop is a great means to assist our family give mum freedom to roam

  2. María Catalina

    I loved it. Not only the great technology that makes me be always in a security mode but also because I Love the disign in loop ring.

  3. Matt Buscher

    Great idea.. We continue to struggle to get our parents to adapt to the cell phone. Everyday they get newer technology and they struggle to use these devices. I can’t imagine how they would actually do in an emergency.

  4. Marta

    Not many are brave enough to follow their dreams, I wish you the best with your company. I wish I had loop growing up, but is never too late to feel safe at all times and to give ourselves or the people we love the peace of mind of wearing loop every day.

  5. Lindsay

    What a fantastic innovative idea! The fashionable designs are very unique and are appealing to all ages and genders. Having a personal security device that I can use discretely is very reassuring. Can’t wait to see more!

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