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Bruce: Working on the bleeding edge

I joined Nokia in Australia in 1994. This was when there were only around 13,000 employees globally at the time. I had been working with an engineer from one of the local operators and he was testing Mobile Originated SMS using the only phone at the time that supported it, the 2110. He gave a couple of us within the office access to the system and he said just go for it and they will monitor the results.

Bruce WebbDuring my first trip to Finland for a sales conference, I decided to see if SMS roaming would work so I sent my colleague who was visiting Auckland at the time a text message. Lo and behold, I got a reply and the conversation carried on for around 40 minutes especially after the 2110 product manager saw what I was doing and grabbed a couple more guys to witness what could have been the first global SMS conversation by 2110.

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Anne Nenonen: Nokians, just like your childhood friends

Nokia showed me the good in people, allowed and engouraged me to learn and challenge myself, and trusted me to do well.


I got to meet and know amazing people, see the world and be part of an amazing Nokia family. No matter where you landed, for a year or just for couple of days, you were among friends. It really was a mother ship with it´s own

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Verena: How to get the attention of the former Nokia CEO?

One of the core values during my years in Nokia was especially close to my heart, it was called ‘Very human’. At some point I heard a manager wondering why this value got so low scores in the employee surveys, was it due to a lack of understanding the value?

It took me just a moment to decide, and create the ‘Very human’ group in our Nokia internal social media tool, we used Socialcast at the time. Started by inviting every colleague I knew to join the fun, I knew a few 😉

Very human

Over the years the group grew,

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Verena: Nokia changed my life, several times

19 years ago a temp agency fired me, on my first working day! The surprising start for 18 years at Nokia…

The rest of the week I spent in the Nokia Networks office in Düsseldorf, they had a desperate need for workforce, so they called to get a replacement for a temp worker on sick leave. On paper, I wasn’t a fit at all, didn’t spoke English, not the proper education, but who cared, it was just meant for 4 days. On the third day they informed the agency to keep me and 5 months later I became a Nokia employee. The start of an amazing journey!

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