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Author: Hal

Sigge: A conference worth remembering

For the most part of my career I worked on the business side of things building up alliances and partnerships with globally leading brands. I was on the mobile phones side of things and collaborated very closely with my OVI friends.

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Elana: N95 saves the day!

It was the summer of 2009, just a few weeks after the launch of “Ovi Store”, on which I’d been working on for months. I was working on a presentation for an MT (management team) meeting the next day when I started to get phone calls from my husband about our oldest daughter – he was home with her because she wasn’t feeling well. She was getting worse and worse and he was taking her to the doctor, the doctor sent them to the hospital for more tests. At the end of the day I went straight to the hospital from the office.

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Hal: In tough times, culture shines through

In my most recent blog post here, I told the story of how I ended up in Finland and started working at Nokia. That, of course, was only the beginning.

I had joined a company that, although it was still the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, was struggling to find its place in a market where it now had to compete against Apple and Google. The infamous burning platform memo had been published and leaked, and the decision to move to Windows Phone had been made.

It was a tough time for many,

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Jean: How a Texas stray dog got a Finnish name

Five years ago, I adopted an Australian Shepherd from Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline (a national rescue group) and shortly after adopting, I started fostering for them. When we bring in a new foster dog, they always get a new name. Dogs don’t have any special affinity for their names and they can easily learn to respond to a new one. In the past, most of my foster dogs have been named after places I have lived. Seneca, Slater, Manhattan, Verona, etc. But sometimes, a special foster dog deserves a special name. A name that really fits.

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Hal: “Connecting People” has never been so true

It used to be that when you met a fellow foreigner in Finland you could ask them whether it was love or Nokia that brought them here, only to find out that one had followed the other. I was one of those who originally came to Finland out of love; to live with my girlfriend who I had met at university in Scotland.

Moving to a foreign country where you have no social network of your own can be somewhat of an isolating experience, and the unfamiliar darkness of winter and indecipherable nature of the Finnish language can compound that.

This all changed when I saw a post on a Facebook group called “Future Talent at Nokia”. As a small Valentine’s Day competition, they had asked for

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