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Anne Nenonen: Nokians, just like your childhood friends

Nokia showed me the good in people, allowed and engouraged me to learn and challenge myself, and trusted me to do well.


I got to meet and know amazing people, see the world and be part of an amazing Nokia family. No matter where you landed, for a year or just for couple of days, you were among friends. It really was a mother ship with it´s own culture, ecosystem and atmosphere.

I got to enjoy the ride during 1996-2008 and it sure was special! Towards the end of my time there, things started to change a bit and I must admit, we started to grow apart. Luckily we parted as friends and I will always cherish our time together. Still missing you all!

The connection is still there when ever you meet an ex-Nokian. It´s like meeting your childhood friends, they know where you´re coming from, how you were brought up and your basic beliefs in life. How lucky we were, and are!






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  1. Anton

    very well said!!!

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