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Bo: An anecdote about the usage of the mobile phone and the phone bills.

So this story is referring back in the days way before VOIP, Skype etc. were reliable or fully functioning.

I was based in Finland but travelled frequently to Brazil for various projects.
Part of the project team were from the US so I was having frequent conference calls from Brazil to the US using a Finnish SIM card, and this was back in the day where roaming charges were not regulated in any way shape or form.

Needless to say my phone bill was sky high, but that was fine as my boss knew exactly what I was using the phone for.

So back in Helsinki and going for a movie one evening, the operator Radiolinja (that we started using just 6 months prior) had a stall there with a sign: “Get 2 free movie tickets for every €100 on your phone bill”.

I went up to the guy and gave him my phone number, he entered the number in his PC………and his jaw dropped.
He literally went pale, looked at the stack of tickets he had to his disposal, looked up at me again with look of despair and said: “I don’t think I have enough tickets”.

I smiled and let him out of his misery by telling him to keep his tickets for other, non business customers.
I couldn’t with good conscience take any tickets, but I got a good laugh out of it and a great story to tell 🙂

Greetings from a proud ex-Nokian 1999-2006


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  1. Heidi Patmore

    LOL. That is hilarious!

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